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A relaxing inn that feels like home

A pure Japanese-style inn surrounded by the warmth of wood and the scent of tatami mats.
Sit back and relax.

Guest room list

There are 22 rooms in total.All rooms are non-smoking.
There are 20 rooms of 18 square meters and 2 rooms of 15 square meters.
The refrigerator in your room is empty, so feel free to use it.

*Internet is not available in the room.
Wi-Fi is available only on the 1st floor, so please use it.
  • Japanese-style room 18 square meters

    A spacious 18 square meter room with a step or wide veranda.
    Please put your feet up and relax.

    Room details

    Maximum 5 people
    18 square meters
    Number of rooms
    20 rooms
  • Japanese-style room 15 square meters

    There is also a wide veranda.Please relax.

    Room details

    Maximum 3 people
    15 square meters
    Number of rooms
    2 rooms
    There are bathtubs and showers, but you cannot use them, so please use the hot springs in this facility.
  • Amenities

    Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/Yukata/Tanzen (thick padded kimono)/Duvet
  • Inside this facility with atmosphere

Room facilities list

Number of rooms

22 rooms in total:22 Japanese-style rooms

standard room equipment

Bath · Toilet(Partially without bath/toilet)/Shower in all rooms/Air conditioning in all rooms/tv set/empty refrigerator/Hair dryer

Room amenities

Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/yukata/Tanzen/Duvet

Outline of facility

table tennis/banquet hall/karaoke facility(For a charge)

Service & Leisure(including arrangements)

Massage(For a charge)/Shogi/Go/mahjong(For a charge)

Local credit card

JCB / Visa /MASTER/UC / DC / NICOS / Diners/UFJ

standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Smoking or Non-smoking

All Rooms Non-Smoking
Please use the smoking space in this facility.