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Please enjoy eating seasonal ingredients from Shinshu.

Please enjoy the creative cuisine that incorporates the ingredients of Shinshu, the Shinshu of the chief chef.

seasonal dishes

The menu changes depending on the purchase, season, course, etc.
If there are ingredients you cannot eat, please ask at the time of booking.
For children's dinner, we have a mini kaiseki meal for elementary school children and a kids meal for toddlers, so please contact us in advance.
  • 【Dinner】Standard Kaiseki course

    Please enjoy creative dishes that use plenty of Shinshu ingredients that the chief chef is particular about.
  • 【Dinner】Shinshu Beef pottery grill course

    Take your meal to the next level.
    Shinshu Beef grilled on a plate can also be ordered as a special order.
  • 【Dinner】Apple Wagyu Beef Shinshu Beef Steak plan ~Served with Compote of Nagano Prefecture Apples~

    plan with Shinshu Beef steak raised on apples served with apple compote.
    The combination of Shinshu Beef and apple is outstanding.
    It's a beautiful and delicious dish that makes you want to take pictures.
  • 【Dinner】Luxury course with beef steak for couples only

    As a privilege for the luxury plan with beef steak,
    A mini bottle each of Produced in Shinshu red and white wine will be served at dinner.
  • 【Breakfast】Japanese set meal using vegetables from Shinshu

    Start your day with a delicious breakfast!
    Rejuvenate your mind and body with hot miso soup.
    Please enjoy our miso soup with plenty of ingredients from Shinshu.
  • 【Meals in Dining Hall】Restaurant/banquet hall

    Meals will be served at our restaurant "Tsudoi" or the banquet halls "Hanaogi" and "Utage".
    All venues are on the 2nd floor.
    • Guidance

      Offer start time

      【Dinner】18:00 to 19:30/"Breakfast" 7:00 to 8:30

      Meals in Dining Hall

      【Restaurant Tsudoi】44 seats/"Hanaogi" 91 square meters/"Utage" 55 square meters

Ingredients of Shinshu

Please enjoy.
  • Shinshu Ginjo Pork

    The meat used in the standard plan hot pot shabu-shabu is raised on Shinshu Ginjo Pork, a feed that uses sake lees.
    It is characterized by a soft and refreshing taste without the peculiar smell of pork.
    Please enjoy Shinshu Ginjo Pork Pot at this facility.
  • horse sashimi

    When you think of Shinshu, you think of horse sashimi!
    Fresh! Melting deliciousness! Please enjoy.
  • Shinshu Salmon

    The picture is 3.5kg of Shinshu Salmon.It looks delicious as a whole.
    It has no odor and can be used for various dishes such as sashimi, fried food, and grilled food.
    It is quite a high-class fish.If you come to Shinshu, you should try this food.
    Shinshu unique brand fish, which is a hybrid of rainbow trout and brown trout.
    It features a beautiful silver body and a beautiful salmon-like crimson body.
    Compared to rainbow trout, the meat is finer, thicker, and has a richer flavor.
    Because they do not have eggs, the nutrition required for egg production becomes umami as it is,
    It is also characterized by being delicious to eat.