【Official】Kikyotei Yumotoya

Shinshu Matsumoto "Asama Onsen"Kikyotei Yumotoya

Kikyotei Yumotoya is located in the center of Asama Onsen.
Founded in 1887.Thanks to your patronage, we celebrated our 136th anniversary this year.

Asama Onsen was opened in the Asuka period, and during the Edo period the lord of the castle frequented it.
The villas of samurai vassals began to line up and developed as 'Matsumoto's Okuzashiki'.
As a hot spring resort loved by many writers and artists in the Meiji era,
Many excellent works have been produced.
Enjoy walking around the historic hot spring town while admiring the cityscape with its retro buildings.

10 minutes by car to National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure Former Kaichi School Building, and Matsumoto Urban Area.
Please enjoy Matsumoto's culture and the blessings of nature while gazing at Northern Alps in the distance.

Welcome to Asama Asama Onsen Kikyotei Yumotoya in the castle town of Matsumoto.

  • It's a relief to people, to hot water

    So that you can relax and stay like your hometown
    We appreciate your attention to detail.

    Located in the center of the castle town Matsumoto's inner parlor "Asama Onsen" town.
    You can fully enjoy the famous hot springs that have been bubbling for 1300 years in 6 hot springs.
    The observation bath on the top floor, where you can see Northern Alps, can be reserved for free.

    Please enjoy creative dishes that use plenty of Shinshu ingredients that the chief chef is particular about.

    Please spend a relaxing time at this relaxing inn that feels like home.
    We are looking forward to your visit.


  • For year-end parties and New Year parties! Now accepting reservations for banquet plan!

    We accept reservations for 10 or more people!
    This is a kaiseki course featuring the facility's Matsumoto Ginjo pork shabu-shabu.

    Accommodation fee 1 person
    Weekdays 12,500 yen(Tax included)
    +3,300 yen on Saturdays and days before holidays

    Day trip fee: 6,600 yen per person(Tax included)

    All-you-can-drink per person 2750 yen(Tax included)
    You can change to the steak course for +1,650 yen (tax included)!
    The tender beef is popular with customers.★
    *Please contact us by phone for private room availability.

    ╲ Pick-up and drop-off available/
    If there are 10 or more people on board, we can also pick you up and drop you off within 1 hour each way!
    Capacity: 28 people
    Please feel free to contact us.

    Reservations for banquet plan can be made by phone.
  • 【Official homepage renewal】Now accepting reservations for special plan

    Thank you for always using our hotel.

    We have recently updated our homepage, so please take a look.

    To commemorate the renewal, we have prepared a discount plan of 1,100 yen per person.
    We will give a small gift to customers who make a reservation.

    We will also be posting blogs and information on events in Matsumoto and Asama Onsen, so please look forward to it.

    Click here to make a reservation for the renewal plan.

Inside this facility/facilities

  • front door

    The entrance that welcomes you.
    The signboard at the entrance of this historic facility uses the old one that was used until the early Showa era,
    The letters are also written as "Yumotoya" from the right.

    We look forward to welcoming you with warm lights.
  • front desk/Lobby

    When you arrive at the inn, first take a break in the lobby.

    Since it is a free spot,
    If you bring a computer with wireless LAN function, you can connect to the Internet.
    There is a smoking space outside the lobby.
  • Souvenir corner

    In the souvenir corner,
    From the desire to "wear a yukata and take a walk" in the hot spring town of Asama Onsen,
    It has a minimal assortment.
Inside this facility / to the facility page


Google Map

Hotel Name

Kikyotei Yumotoya


1-29-15 Asama Onsen, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



20 minutes by car from Matsumoto Interchange.
20 minutes by bus from Matsumoto Station.(Take Asama Line.Shimoasama Square Hiroba stop)
Free parking.

Shuttle service available(conditions)
Transfers are limited to 10 to 25 people.Reservation required.
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We will serve you wholeheartedly

  • It is a small inn with 22 rooms in total.

    Yumotoya was founded in 1887 and is located in the center of Asama Onsen.
    As Kikyotei Yumotoya, it's like returning to your hometown and feeling relieved.
    We aim to be a ryokan that provides a warm and relaxing experience.
    The ryokan philosophy is "a ryokan that pursues the comfort of our guests".
    Always thinking about how to satisfy even a little,
    All the staff are willing to work together.
  • welcome

    Yumotoya aims to create a comfortable and homely inn.
    I was born in far away Kyushu.
    Every day, I struggle with Shinshu dialect and Kyushu dialect.(smile)
    Although I am still in training,
    We will do our best to provide hospitality that will please our customers.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all.


If you have any questions, please contact us.