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Inside this facility/facilities

Inside this facility/facilities

Fully enjoy Asama Onsen, an inner parlor in the castle town of Matsumoto

An inn where you can visit six hot springs.
The free private observation bath overlooking Northern Alps is popular.

Established in 1887 A relaxing inn that feels like home

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.
Relax and unwind at Yumotoya.
  • front door

    The entrance that welcomes you.
    The signboard at the entrance of this historic facility uses the old one that was used until the early Showa era,
    The letters are also written as "Yumotoya" from the right.

    We look forward to welcoming you with warm lights.

    Check In

    From 15:00 to 19:30

    Check Out

  • front desk/Lobby

    When you arrive at the inn, first take a break in the lobby.

    Since it is a free spot,
    If you bring a computer with wireless LAN function, you can connect to the Internet.
    There is a smoking space outside the lobby.

    Reception hours

    From 15:00 to 21:30


    1st floor
  • Souvenir corner

    In the souvenir corner,
    From the desire to "wear a yukata and take a walk" in the hot spring town of Asama Onsen,
    It has a minimal assortment.

    Opening Hours

    From 15:00 to 21:30


    Next to the front desk on the 1st floor
  • Lounge

    Since it is a free spot,
    If you bring a computer with wireless LAN function, you can connect to the Internet.

    Open Hours

    Available 24 hours


    1st floor
  • Dining"Tsudoi”

    Meals are at this restaurant "Tsudoi" or
    We will prepare it at the banquet hall "Hanaogi" and "Utage".

    Number of seats

    44 seats


    2nd floor
  • Banquet Hall"Hanaogi”

    It has a stage.
    Please use it for year-end parties, New Year parties, etc.


    91 square meters


    2nd floor
  • Banquet Hall"feast”

    It can be divided into 27 square meters each.
    Please use it for small groups and family celebrations.


    55 square meters


    2nd floor
  • table tennis

    With close friends and family.
    Table tennis is available free of charge.

    Open Hours

    Available 24 hours


    1st floor lounge
  • entertainment(Rental)

    Mahjong, Go, and Shogi rentals are available.

    【For a charge】
    mahjong:4,400 yen(Tax included)


    return time

    Until checkout

    Rental place

    Front desk
  • vending machine


    soft drinks and alcohol


    Next to the front desk on the 1st floor
  • smoking space

    It is located outside the lobby.


    1st floor outside

List of other facilities

Number of rooms

22 rooms in total:22 Japanese-style rooms

standard room equipment

Bath · Toilet(Partially without bath/toilet)/Shower in all rooms/Air conditioning in all rooms/tv set/empty refrigerator/Hair dryer

Room amenities

Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/yukata/Tanzen/Duvet

Outline of facility

table tennis/Banquet Hall

Service & Leisure(including arrangements)

Massage(For a charge)/Shogi/Go/mahjong(For a charge)

Local credit card

JCB / Visa /MASTER/UC / DC / NICOS / Diners/UFJ

standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Smoking or Non-smoking

All Rooms Non-Smoking
Please use the smoking space in this facility.

hot spring tax

A hot spring tax of 150 yen for adults (free for children) will be charged separately.

Cancellation provisions

3 to 2 days before:50% of room rate
One day before:70% of room rate
On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
Up to 14 people for the above cancellation fee.There is a separate charge for 15 or more people.
*If there is a cancellation policy for each accommodation plan, it will take precedence.

Hot spring information list

Hot Springs

Asama Onsen

Open Air Bath

Available (both men and women (including time shifts)/not charterable)

Private Bath

can be(No conditions)

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:1 woman:1 mixed bath:0
[Indoor bath]Man:2 woman:1 mixed bath:0
[Sauna]Man:0 woman:0 mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities

Observation bath

Bath usage conditions

1st floor Yudono "Kutsurogi" Indoor bath 2 / Open-air bath 1
4th floor Yudono "Yasuragi" Indoor bath 1 / Open-air bath 1
“Kutsurogi” and “Yasuragi” are switched between men and women at 24:00.
You can enjoy 6 hot spring tours during your stay, including the free private observation bath on the 6th floor.
Please enjoy the famous hot springs of Asama Onsen.

bathroom amenities

shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap/Razor/Cotton swabs

Hot Spring Qualities

Alkaline simple hot spring(Alkaline hypotonic hot spring)
Almost colorless and clear, with slight sulfur taste and slight hydrogen sulfide odor.

hot spring

49.7℃(Temperature -1°C at the time of the survey)


neuralgia/muscle pain/joint pain/frozen shoulder/motor paralysis/stiff joints/house/hemorrhoids
chronic digestive disease/sensitivity to cold/Convalescent convalescence/Fatigue recovery/Health Promotion


acute illness (especially with fever) / active tuberculosis / malignant tumor / severe heart disease / respiratory failure
renal failure / hemorrhagic disease / severe anemia / other general disease in progress / pregnancy(especially early and late)